Breakfast and Lunch Time Activities


  Breakfast Clubs

Every child deserves to start the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Avoid the rush hour traffic by dropping your child off at primary school from 8am.

Provide your school with the ideal service for the working parent in a safe and secure environment.

Children can stimulate their minds with light exercise and team games or use their creativity with arts and crafts and lego.

Children are taken directly to the classroom and are signed in by a teacher.


 Lunch Time Activities

   This school funded program is an excellent and cheap alternative to traditional   coaching clubs which can get every child involved. It enables the children to be active and use their excess energy in a structured and secure area, also releasing some of the pressure from other lunch time staff.


 What is Lunch Time Activities?

  E.Y.F.S and Key Stage 1

     We focus on developing a child's fundamentals, including balance,

co-ordination and agility, through creative warm ups and fun skill games.

  Key Stage 2

    This is ideal for children to apply their skills into various sports and assess their development against other pupils. This is done in small-sided games to build their teamwork,sportsmanship and communication.

  Class of the Week

    Several schools we visit use a Friday lunch time activity to reward a class for good behaviour or highest attendance.

  How it works?

    You decide, the two traditional programs are: 1 class per half hour so 2 classes per lunch club or 1 year group per lunch club. Here at Letz Play Sports we aim to meet the needs of each school, so depending on the size of your primary school we understand that your needs may vary. We can cater for multiple classes and you can request the number of coaches you require.

Alternatively we can offer our fantastic afterschool clubs at lunch time or breakfast time which is parent funded.

We provide all the equipment for these clubs.


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