Primary School P.E teaching

PE PPA cover and CPD training

Learn to play the right way 

Why should you change PPA/CPD providers?

  • Unhappy with your current PPA provider?
  • Want coaches who have over 15 years experience?
  • A company who is more flexible to your school needs and values?
  • Children are underachieving and are not meeting their true potential?
  • Teachers not getting an opportunity to maximise their CPD training?

     Why should you choose us?

Most sports coaching companies come from a football qualified background, however, here at Letz Play Sports we are unique that our head coaches are trained in a physical education background and have over 15 years primary teaching experience.

We are specifically trained in various sports and understand the learning needs of every pupil. We appreciate that everyone is different and ensure differentiation to challenge those who are gifted and talented, have behavioural issues or have learning difficulties. Our company strives to raise standards and performances to the next level, by doing this, children are encouraged to go further and reach higher.

      Benefits of Letz Play Sports coaching;

  • Build rapport with every pupil through praise or questioning.
  • Safety and learning square to help visualise learning.
  • Delivery of structured and progressive lesson plans.
  • Learning objectives are stated at the beginning and re-capped throughout the session with individual assessment at the end.
  • Star performers are awarded in each lesson and rewards are distributed.
  • Children are assessed half termly to monitor every individuals' level of performance, effort and behaviour.
  • Coaches are consistently trained to teach innovative games.
  • Mini-Games to maximise learning and participation.
  • No Two lessons are the same.
  • We can follow the national curriculum or can teach the Val Sabin syllabus.

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