Summer Holiday Courses

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Summer Holiday Courses

Here at LPS Coaching we are known for providing excellent sports coaching activities at low prices for all to enjoy. Our courses run from 9am to 4pm each day and prices start from as low as £12* per day with our various offers. The children also recieve Medals, Toys and Trophies to celebrate their achievements. Our courses are suitable for Boys and Girls aged 4-11.

Proposed discount Offers Summer Holidays 2020

Siblings- 1st child full price, 2nd sibling 25% off the second price. 

FREE FRIDAY all week for just £80, or 2 siblings for £140 Total

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Summer Holiday Course Location: 

Stanborough primary school, Watford, Garston, Herts, WD25 0DQ

Week 1- 20th-24th July

Week 2- 27th-31st July

Week 3- 3rd- 7th August

Week 4- 10th-14th August

Week 5- 17th-21st August

Reference- Stan

Central Primary School, Derby Road, Watford, Herts, WD17 2LX

Week 1- 20th-24th July

Week 2- 27th-31st July

Week 4- 10th-14th August

Week 5- 17th-21st August

Reference- Central                 


Summer Course

Price Per Day

Book in all Week for


1 Child




2 Children (Siblings)



3 Children (siblings)



*(£12 per child per day)

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Our courses are All-Sports based with Football or a Gymnastics Choice (this choice may not happen due to social distancing as groups may stay together) and Dodgeball as our most popular daily activities. Our average day consists of 3 sports. The courses are perfect for children to learn techniques, skills, play small-sided games and competitions to support development in a safe and fun environment.


     9am-10am - Sign in and free play sports

     10am-11am - Warm-up Games and competitions

     11am-11.30am - Snack Break, rest and recovery time.

     11.30am-1pm - Sport 1 and sport 2

     1pm-1.30pm- Lunch

     1.30pm-3pm- Football & Mini-Tournament or Gymnastics skills

     3pm-3.15pm- Drinks break

     3.15pm-3.45pm- Gymnastics Apparatus and mini-football

     3.45pm-4pm - Award presentation and Home time


Sports include: Football, Gymnastics, Dodgeball, Benchball, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Kick-Cricket, Uni-Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Tag Rugby, Netball, Parachute and Team Games.


What your child should bring

     Water or Soft Drink (non-fizzy)

     Lunch  (No Nuts)

     Weather Appropriate Clothes, including rain jacket.

     Sun-Cream - which your child needs to be able to apply independently. We reccommend on sunny days sun cream is applied before attending the course.


                   For more information please message Coach Glynn          07527 649388


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